Tune-Up in Durham, North Carolina

Your #1 Auto Care Team – Lonnie’s University Auto Center

Improving Engine Performance

In Durham, NC, Lonnie’s University Auto Center is the go-to destination for drivers needing a vehicle tune-up to keep their engine running smoothly. Our certified mechanics understand the unique set of services required by each manufacturer. Usage and time are the enemies of any engine as parts wear down and deteriorate. During a tune-up, our pros will thoroughly inspect and replace critical components like spark plugs to ensure your engine’s optimal performance. We also perform vital services like an oil change and fluid check and will replace the fuel, cabin, and air filters. Fresh motor oil and clean filters are necessary to eliminate dirt and debris and keep your engine properly lubricated to protect against overheating and corrosion. Know that our team will be fully transparent throughout your auto repair service. Upon your approval, we’ll only replace what’s necessary. This eliminates needless repairs and reduces costs. Tune-up service is vital to maintaining the peak performance of your engine. Skipping this auto service can lead to part failure, breakdowns, and unsafe driving conditions. Check your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and call us at 919-309-7898 to book your next tune-up appointment.